Saturday, September 29, 2012

Howdy Folks!

I have a feeling that most of my posts are going to be comin' at you live from Knox's Bottom Bunk.
Little Brother has a real knack for needing his mommy to lie down with him while he settles down for his nap.  It's a nice little habit RHYTHM we're in.  But, the nice thing is that I get to actually sit down, or lie down, with a warm little stinky boy next to me, for a good half hour daily.  He's wiggly and hyper and won't sit still for a good chunk of the "GO! TO! SLEEP!" process.  But some times, like right now, he's kissing my nose.  He's kissing my eyes, and my eyebrows.  And he just tried to lick my hand.  What more could I want than this stolen moment of almost-peace with m'boy, while his sweet and sleepy big sister naps in the bed above us.  It's nap time, when everything is settling down that I can really think about it and say that truly, I love today.

But YESTERDAY we did a really cool thing, wanna know what it was?
Do you?

We bought another house!  We bought our dream little plot and sweet little dream house in the most precioso town you'll ever know this side of the Rockies... Golden, Colorado!!  I can't believe it!  Did you know we could do it?  I didn't!

We've spent five years in our home in the adorable Wheat Ridge, CO... Fixing it up and making it pretty.  We are one income and we've really made the most of our budget.  One thing I don't think I've made the most of is each passing day with my kids, who are growing so so so fast.  As we start our new journey, I want my main focus to be on what I'm DOING, and not what I NEED to do.  We all have a list a mile long, posted on our fridge, in our minds, in our phones... reminders everywhere we turn that we have somewhere to be soon or ten minutes ago.  I hope this new home is my chance to reclaim the RIGHT NOW that I tend to overlook.  My hope is that this home is where I connect with myself as a mother, as a designer... Maybe as a wife.  Priorities, you know.  I might need a lot of reminders for this big, focused task ahead of me.  So I'm gonna write about it.  You guys can keep me on track.

I'm sure I'll explain way too much about our home search and how we ended up closing on our dream fixer-upper in beautiful Golden.  I'm eager to find some time to learn how to set up this "blog", so I can explain way too much about everything.  That's sort of who I am, as you know... Lucky you :)

Ok bye!


  1. How exciting! It's the journey, not the destination, as they say. I love your writing and love to hear about your precious family! Knox kisses are the sweetest!

    1. Thanks mom :) Excited to put all these fun skills I watched and learned growing up (and on and on) to good use. Love you!

    2. And I love you! Wish I could be there to jump in the fun!