Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bittersweet and spooky

Today is a big day-- We're closing on our yellow house in an hour and a half.
I decided not to go back to the house last night to say goodbye.  I am unsteady in my emotions about it and I didn't want to make the kids think this is some tragic ending.  We went over there on Saturday to load more stuff from the house and I was a lot bit weepy and didn't really like feeling like we were making some crazy mistake by selling our sweet home.

This morning I talked to my mom and she said it is totally normal to have seller's remorse, just like buyers' remorse.  So at least it's okay to be all torn up about it.  And my nana says there's no use in looking back, so just look ahead and it will all be fine.  Looking ahead!  Hopefully tomorrow I don't feel a huge, gaping, yellow-house shaped void in my heart.  I'll let you know, duh.

Nick is still struggling with some regret with buying this house, which is totally understandable considering what we're up against here.  For example, last time he was in the crawl space, he found that under the kids' playroom is a stinking JACK literally holding up the room!  Awesome.  Surprises like that.  Surprises like reaching into my oven mitt drawer and discovering little mouse poopies in the drawer and INSIDE MY OVEN MITT!!!  Of course I'd probably enjoy a good snuggle in an oven glove if I were a precious little rodent too, but as a human I'd prefer if they didn't find their way into the cabinet, up the wall, and over the edge of the drawer to poop on my pot holders.  It's just unnecessary.  And if we're being honest... slightly unsanitary.

I'm also pretty darn certain I found a flea yesterday, which Nick was all paranoid would happen since we have acquired the outside cat along with our house.  I love Jack but I definitely don't want fleas.  And no, I'm not saying our dog is completely without fault because he has a much cozier coat of fur for building a flea-house than that cat does.  Either way, both animals got a flea treatment, Howdy got a VERY thorough and exciting bath, and our bedding etc got a nice bleachy, hot-watery, super agitation-y laundering.  It was a busy day here in "Mama's Celebrating!!" Land.

stuff to celebrate:
We brought over some of my favorite pieces of furniture on Saturday, and things are really getting sweeter looking in here!  Feels so nice to surround yourself with special pieces of furniture when you are trying to settle in.  When you're a furniture-junkie like moi, it's a perma-high.

We got this pie safe at an estate sale this past summer.  From my extensive research, I have determined that it was built in the 1860's.  Would you shoot me if I told you it was $4?  Four bucks.

It'll need help with the doors of course, and needs two new drawers built.
It actually doesn't make the blue walls look worse!  Excited to paint them though :)

I also brought this in, but it needed a major scrub-down so I'll explain more on that later.  This was at the same estate sale and it was also embarrassingly affordable.  A little (big) treasure hidden in that little sale.
I know... not the best shot amidst the unpacking craziness.
Yesterday the kids got up early and made me breakfast in bed.  See?  The picture proves it.

Naturally I was thrilled so I thought I better reward them by doing something unrelated to scrubbing and unpacking.  We went to the A-DORA-BLAY Heritage Square... It was a little Halloween carnival that we HAD to partake in.  We went with my friend Carly, who happens to be mother to Roo's favorite friend Joslyn.  They had a ball and stuff:

So spooky!!

 Better wrap this up.  Talk to you soon-like!

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  1. Mouse poo? Better stop feeding Jack, he's not pulling his weight around there! Except for bringing in the fleas. Yuk.

    Loving Knox's face in the upper pic! I can almost hear Homer Simpson's voice coming out of his mouth: "Duh'O!"

    Looks like fun going on around there, just keep going forward, my beautiful girl.