Thursday, October 18, 2012

I think I'll make it a snappy new day, ok?

Have you felt neglected, little blog page?
I understand.
I have things to show you!  Pretty things, fun things, snappy things!
But first, a word from my little sleepy sponsor:

We are officially moving on our new floors, and starting to move IN to our home!  Oh thank you dear Lord.

Now you know I wanted tons of contrast and character, and Nick really wanted floors just like what we have now.  I am celebrating that I can say I am happy with how they turned out, and happy that they're the perfect combo of Nick's tastes and mine.  I can compromise :)

Want to show you some of my favorite parts of the floors:

love the knot holes, so happy they stuck around.

a lot of the texture remained through the sanding, yay!

Nature, you so pretty.

The other night we had some super fussy winds blow through CO.  We were staying at our yellow house of course, just imagining the worst at the new house since it's further west.  Well the next morning everything was fine... The aspens in front are still standing, which means that our living and bedroom are still intact.  Great.  We did discover, however that it is definitely Fall INSIDE our house.  
Leaves blew through our not-so-trusty windows!  How did this happen?  
As I stood there, I realized that there was a breeze coming in that could blow my hair back.  We are going to need to replace those suckas the second we close on our yellow house!  

Speaking of which, our closing date got moved up by 10 days!  Whoa, wait, is that right??  We were excited but freaking out slightly at the news of all we had to do in the next four days.
     Then we found out we were right, that we were still closing on the 30th.  Pumping the brakes on the "what kind of projects can we tackle once we sell??!" excitement.  Like, new windows that will not allow a blizzard inside our home.  Please Lord, please let us make it to closing this time!!!

Knox and Roo have been having fun in the yard, setting up gardens and obstacles and bagging up dirt to give as presents.  Such generous children.

Knox is hauling a timber to use as a balance beam. 
They have been coloring, writing, drawing, pretending, playing soccer in our big-ish open and empty rooms, all week... I am so proud of them!  I have gotten so much done.  But what's better is that I've gotten so much done AND I've kept my wits.  Always an accomplishment.  Today I got their entire ceiling finished (just a minute and I'll show you pictures) while they played.  WHAT?!  Well it helped it was taped already but you know.  

Today especially was amazing.  Naturally it started off incredibly cranky (Knox.  Every single morning.) and I was not in the mood for it.  But what choice did I have but to DECIDE to be in the mood for it!  I said to myself when times got crank, "I think I'll make it a snappy new day!"  I'm not sure if I said that necessarily, or the Mister Roger's throwback cartoon theme song was just stuck on repeat in my head.  Have you seen Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood?  It's cute, really Super Why-esque (since it's created by the same people) but it's cute.  The beginning song was stuck in my head. Maybe the (unshakeable) mantra worked and I made it through the earliest morning hours with deep breaths and patience.  And lots of coffee, since I made a gallon of it AND breakfast at the new house as soon as we arrived there.  So far I've made mac-n-cheese and scrambled eggs but happy about the baby steps-- I'M COOKING IN OUR NEW HOME! 

After bfast we went to the dollar store nearby to get some masking tape to finish up one little thing in the kids' room, and I decided to go buck wild let them each pick out A toy.  Usually I don't spoil them in such a manner but I felt like dipping into my pockets a little today.  Roo picked out a little set of two tiny mermaids with tiny mermaid accessories.  Knox?  He spent 18 minutes deciding on a toy.  And then did not decide on a toy, but picked out a spray bottle so he could help me clean!  AND THIS $1 SPRAY BOTTLE KEPT HIM BUSY FOR AN HOUR.  Wow.  He sprayed water.  He scrubbed.  He wiped and dried.  He was a busy and productive young sir!  Those two got along the entire morning today, I could not have been a happier mommy.  

Munchiekins were busy, so I wrapped up some stuff.  See? 

Did a little of this...

 A little of that...

 Some tinkering...

 And we have a bedroom, people!
sorry, not the brightest photo!  No time to edit!  Also, the walls were already this seafoamymintyfresh color, and YES I was morally obligated to let it stick around, ESPECIALLY with red splashed in there.
 And we have a play room, also people!  Not very put together.  Don't rush me!  sheesh.

My bff put stripes on her baby boy's room last year, so I knew if she could do it, I could completely rip off her idea and do it too :)  I'll put up a picture of Hank's room when I find it, it is so stinking amazing.  

Pretty excited to finish up the rooms and get the baby bears settled in.  They have been such amazing little troopers and I'm just dying to slow down their schedule and give them some much-needed normalcy and attention.  We're getting closer!

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