Thursday, November 8, 2012

dining room and things of that NATURE

When you post your amazing, huge, rough, rustic, so-perfect-it-brings-me-to-tears, sturdy and Knox-proof harvest dining table on CL for only $50, be a decent human being and delete your ad once sold.  Which was apparently after 13 minutes of posting.

I need therapy now.  There will never be another.

Guys, listen.  I need a stinking farmhouse table.  I need one that is awesome and strong and I need it to be very inexpensive.  Ya hear me?

My dining room is long and able to withstand the awesomeness of an 8' table and I need to find it!  I just painted the room and am really excited to pull it all together!  I got a $5 gallon of paint from Benjamin Moore... It was a mistint and I took advantage of the price.  I had to mix in some black and red to warm it up a little, but it fit my budget and it's MUCH better than the other-worldly blue that was in there!  I was trying to stay away from gray, which Hubby wanted, but the "canvas" color I was hoping for definitely ended up being a light gray.  Or as my friend Clara says, "white clay".  Sounds much more organic and intentional.  Thanks C :)


I painted the wall going into the kitchen black, just for shiggles.  The color is 'black bean'... It's greenish brownish blackish and was perfect.
 Next week I have some minor big plans to brighten up the kitchen, so hopefully that view will flow a little better!

Altogether now:
I have a lot to do still, but you can see that so I don't need to point out all of the incomplete details :)

I need to hang up these new lights on one of the lighter walls, but can't decide where to put them.

They were at Ikea, in the "As-Is" section.  $5.99 each!!  Originally were $15 each.  They're very dark gray, almost the same as the black wall so they'll help tie in the blackness somewhere abroad.  They're not large, just little spotlights, but I love the industrial style and you KNOW how I love little spots of cozy light everywhere! Where to put 'em... Above the buffet?  Flanking the door into the furnace room?  Behind the table over a cool picture or shelf?  I don't quite know yet! If you're withholding my answer from me, speak up now.

We've been adjusting to the time change and just trying to enjoy the sunny hours we do have in the insanely beautiful Colorado fall weather.  Gotta make the most of these gorgeous play-outside days!

We went to the creek the other day and collected pinecones and other nature-y things.

Pinterest suggested we stuff them with cotton balls and call them owls, so we did!

 Our backyard is full of willows that aren't doing too well, so the branches are proving to be awesome for star-making: 

As for today, I am actually having a happy time cleaning and STILL organizing this little evolving house... Kiddos are being very sweet as usual and we're all accomplishing a lot!  I have three loaves of bread ready to pop in the oven, a clean kitchen, and a dada who is picking up an old factory cart for me as I type to use as our coffee table.  It's no harvest table, but that'll get sorted out in no time :)

Life is good and celebrate-able!

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