Monday, November 19, 2012

Playroom curtains prescription via the 'Kea

I've been in a MOOD the past few days.  Ugh.  I don't know where my crankiness is coming from, but I do know that it needs to stop.  I can't sleep, I'm such a grump, and I'm feeling like no one in this house gets me.  I would blame my female hormonal cycle, but that seems too easy and predatory to defenseless hormones who cannot speak for themselves.  I woke up today determined to put some sing-song back in my voice and maybe give myself the rush of accomplishing something start to finish.  For once!

My remedy was finally sewing the kiddos' playroom curtains.  Just the thought of taking my sweet little sewing machine out of its box put a little twinkle in my eye.  As I gather my materials and cozy up to my dining-turned-sewing table, my thoughts travel to a happier place than dirty dishes and dog-sheddy floors.  I open the box and pull out the ol' girl.  I smile.  I SMILE!!  Woohoo!!  Wait, what are the kids doing, they're quiet... Oh they're eating breakfast.  EATING breakfast without me forcing them!  This is a good sign.  I continue with the momentum of this good fortune.

Symptoms of sewing withdrawl:
.  Anxiety
.  Restlessness and insomnia
.  Social isolation
.  Poor concentration
.  Depression
This has GOT to be the larger issue surrounding my freakish irritability. 
Obviously the cure is to drink more water and sew some simple floor-to-ceiling curtains in the next 20 minutes flat.  GO!

I bought this fabric at Ikea a couple of weeks ago.  I just love the climber on the mountain and the butting mountain goats!  So cute and I looooove the large scale of the graphics. 

I looooove their fabric... It's all around $7.99 a yard, you cut it yourself, and there's never a line at the cutting table.  They also have economically priced thread, bobbins, stitch witchery, and scissors in case you feel the need for some thrifty impulse items.  The bolts are all beautiful and the fab has awesome weight, perfect for a quick curtain or chair cushion makeover.  There are loud bold patterns, subtle cottagey sweet ones, and casual go-to's that can fit any project.  There's my ikea plug :)

Anyway.  On to The Playroom That Will Never Be Finished!
The striped ceilings are fun, and I have all the storage I need probably.  But that wall is so lame and in dire need of some drapery. 

In my pile of boxes o' sewing stuff, I cannot find my fabric shears.  I am so irritated!  I hope they're in the storage unit!  I've needed them a couple of times for making t-shirt yarn, but I made due.  Today I cannot afford my scissors tearing up my fabric grotesquely. Perhaps I should have impulse-itemed some scissors at the 'Kea.

BUT LOOK WHAT I DISCOVERED I NEVER KNEW I WAS ALWAYS MISSING.  A craft knife for cutting a super quick, straight line!  Works best along a crisp fold, and always keep tension in the fabric or you will have some unwanted jaggedness.  Just stick that knife out a ways, get it under the fold, and hit it.  Yesss!

So I sewed some quick hems (didn't even turn it twice, just once.  I bet you'll forget to inspect it when you come over next time :)

I hanged a rod.  Hung a rod?  I installed a rod above the window.  There.

I put up the curtains and voila, curtains in a half hour.  No kids screaming, full tummies, and a cure to my withdrawls.  I'd say it's a pretty good start to my un-grumpiness.

I know you know how mounting curtains floor-to-ceiling and a good distance side-to-side makes the window look huge... but thought I'd point it out how big of a difference it made here :)
It's cozy and sweet.  SORT OF like me munchiekins.

Consider my spirits lifted!

Mwah.  Happy Monday!

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