Monday, November 12, 2012

Plumb guttery

It's a super sunny cold morning here in Golden!  And we caught a mouse!  And there's a mysterious skittery sounding sound coming from the ceiling above the front bathroom off the living room!

All in all the mood is set for this toasty breakfast floating around a Pinteresting website.
It's in the oven right now.

Good thing I have some pretty cute help around here! 

Today is also perfect for saying adios to the nasty galvanized pipe in the old part of the house!!  Thankful that Nick used to work with Jovan, who is doing the plumbing for us.  He left Garney and started his own business and fit us into his schedule this week.  Instead of using copper, we're using pex tube.  It's going to be easier to install and is less than half the price of copper.  The space under the kitchen is probably no more than 3 feet deepy and super creepy, so getting parts down and soldering in there would have been a challenge and time consuming.  Now he doesn't have to do that, and we get an upgrade that we can afford with not a lot of investment-- considering the back part of the house is going to have to be demolished at some point within the next five-ish years-ish, maybe-ish. 

On top of the new plumbing, we are also finally getting GUTTERS!!  Our new house has a new roof in great shape, but ZERO gutters.  It's just ridiculous.  That's a really good way to ensure that you will need a jack under the playroom to hold up the floor, yeah?
There is a gutter here actually, but rotten wood, so it's not really doing its job is it.

The paint on the fascia where the gutters will go is also almost obsolete, and part of it is rotting in some parts of the house.
We're getting the front part, which sees the most weather, wrapped in white steel to keep it protected and the worst boards replaced. 

Goodbye further damage to the foundation!!

This past weekend was completely awesome.  We ended up scoring some adorable vintage metal cabinets for our kitchen!  We weren't seriously looking, but when we found them we couldn't pass them up.  I think they kinda chose US, actually.  We got a full kitchen, counter tops, and sink and the asking price was $200.  Yeah!  AND THEN... He had some FABULOUS drapes hanging in one room, with an amazing massive-scale vintage pattern all over.  He threw those in.  And then, he said we can have the dishwasher (major upgrade to what we have, I say as I base that opinion on looks and not actual user experience!), and counter-top, and a piece of butcher block for my baking station I'm planning, AND THEN... He also had an old brass banister, which was sort of perfect for our staircase once we open it up to the living room.  He threw that in too, and I died!

Kitchen pictures that sparked my Craigslist interest:

And you know I totally dig the obnoxious vintage wallpapering going on in there.  Wait... Hmm.  I thought that... Oh!  Yes, yes here we go:
I title this image, "Mini Kitchen Makeover Inspiration Based on Things I Already Have or Practically Got for Free"
That wallpaper came from an estate sale this past summer... I thought I'd use it in my drawers!  Wait.  I thought I would use it in the drawers of the dressers I refinish.  Sheesh.   $1 for the whole roll, and there is a LOT of it!  Perfect for m'drawers and my kitchen's backsplash. 
'Hummingbird Blue', we are now best friends.
The paint can there in the picture is one I had in my stash of hand-me-down paints I use on my furniture.  Every time I come across it I smile and promise it great things in its future.  Well, I was at the Depot and picked out paint swatches the other day.  My favorite was this blue one in the pic.  It is the exact same blue as my mystery Glidden can hidden in the garage... whoa.   And soon it will be the blue on my vintage base cabinets, Boy-ee!

Can't wait to show you how we tackle our lighting issue in that dark, mouse-y kitchen, and I REALLY hope I can report back on my successful negotiations with Mr. GinnBoree regarding my flooring idea.

Were you wondering about my new coffee table?  I know, I know

This is not how I received it, but I had to do something about the splinters and nails sticking out before I had the opportunity to find festering splinters in my children's sweet innocent skin.  I'll maybe post on the process, but for now this is the lumber cart with two coats of thick, juicy, glossy epoxy. 

It doesn't stay like this for long, all shiny and fancy... I'll show you how the story ends soon, kids.

Were you also wondering what kind of nonsense Tulah was drawing today?

 Me:  "Cute! Love her purple outfit, it's very purply.  What are those little friends you drew there, fairies?"

Her:  "Vampires."

Me:  "... ... ... Oh. "

I realize now, those are not the smiles of fairies.  They are the out-for-blood toothy mugs of nocturnal plasmasuckers.
Tomorrow I'll show you what she finger-knitted today out of t-shirt yarn.  Much less grim.

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