Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday with Spidey

"I not Knox, I  PIDERMAN!!!"

But even a little Spiderman slows down sometimes...
What do you dream of, little Knox?

Today I'm not rearranging cabinets.  I'm not demolishing tile.  I'm not painting walls or pasting up wallpaper. 

I AM doing laundry and smelling bread baking in the oven.  I love that our laundry room is also our pantry, because it means that it's right off of the kitchen, which means that it's right where we spend 80% of our day, which means that it's really easy to keep a load going.  Unfortunately :) 
   Actually, the sound of the washer and dryer going is very comforting.  It's a cozy sound.  And as I sit here in the dining room, I can see into the kids' room, see the little stinkers enjoying their siesta, all tangled up in their big blankets.  Their cheeks are rosy, they're still and quiet, and I wonder how long this cozy moment is going to last.  Hopefully at least 'til I hit 'publish'.

I'm pretty excited that I got a loaf of bread to rise and bake pretty much how the recipe's author intended it to bake.  It looks pretty edible, hmm?  Just removed it from the toasty oven and am trying hard to wait to slice it up.

I used this recipe on The Italian Dish.  
It's my second time making it.
One batch = 3 loaves.
2 attempts x 3 loaves = 6... no, 5... loaves I've messed up.  Until this 6th one!  
At least you can't really mess it up... If it doesn't rise for you like it never did for me, you can fake a fancy-looking artisan loaf by mixing in olive oil and rosemary, maybe some cheese... into the dough as you decide you can't screw it up any further, shape it, sprinkle some kosher salt, and bake 'er up.  THIS time, I didn't have to do anything but READ AND RE-READ DIRECTIONS to figure out what the problem is.  Success!!  I have never had a problem baking bread before my past few recipes.  Remember when I used to bake bread for every gathering and I had my recipe memorized and it never turned out too terrible?  Maybe my evil sister Sarah stole my baking ability when she moved to Italy.  Sounds like something she would do.
    Anyway, what I did this time around was 1) add an extra cup or so of flour  2) wait for it to be fully refrigerated so it's easier to work with   and 3) realize the recipe says to slash the bread right before baking.  NOT right before rising.  Duh. This time I worked it like a second job with overtime.

Well the kids are awake-like now so I think we'll eat some buttery boule and call it a post.  Love you :)

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