Thursday, November 1, 2012

We went trick-or-treating

 Golden does a cute little Trick-or-Treat Street on Halloween down the main street of the old town.  They shut the street down to traffic and off the kiddos go!  We skipped Awanas so we could enjoy the celebration in our new town.

Have I told you that I LOVE this place?
I do!!  WE do!
Oh it is so cute.  Old Town is adorable.  The views, the people, the food, the parks, the creek... Amazing.  Nestled right in the foothills of the gorgeous Rockies, this sweet little town looks like it belongs in a postcard at any given moment.  You can take the kids ANYWHERE here.  Heck, we took them to happy hour after collecting candy.  Mom and dad's turn for a treat :) 

Knox was the only Buzz we saw.  And for a kiddo who has seen Toy Story maybe twice in the last year, his innate Super Hero abilities really shined through last night.  When in costume, he is totally in character.  If it's time to fly he pushes each of the buttons on his arm.  He crouches down low and takes a few very slow and intentional steps.  He furrows his brow and bares his teeth to look ferocious.  He speeds up his pace while also standing up straighter, his gait begins to resemble a regal horse.  He shouts, "Buzz White Ear FLLLYYYYYYYYY!!!" and off he goes like a shot, running through the crowd!  Excuse me, flying through the crowd.  The magnificence of this mystical creature captivates the crowd and they go wild.  
Knox does nothing half-way.  I will learn this one of these days :)

Tulah Roo created her own version of Tinkerbell for her costume.  She decided not to have me make her a fabulous tutu but instead chose this 12-year old's ice skating costume and green wings.  She had a Tinkerbell bun and we did special fairy make-up.  I put some mascara on her lashes (which are light usually and actually really long) and she looked in the mirror and said, "How did you make my lashes curl up like that??!!?"  She doesn't know the eyelash gift she was blessed with :)  



We played a while by the creek and then met Daddy for dinner.

Knox just climbs stuff all the time.

Knox makes these crazy poses/faces all the time, he thinks it's hilarious.  And it is.

The creek is so pretty:

So that's Halloween!

Oh yeah.  Yesterday I walked into the living room where Knox had been drawing, and discovered this on his drawing pad:

 He's drawing people!
I'm pretty excited to see this.
So cute!  Way to go Buddy :)
Tulah just made this for me just now this morning:
She says it says, "Happy Halloween!"  I should have known that!
And this for Knox:

The end!

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