Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trimming the walls

" Instructions for living a life:
      Pay attention.
      Be astonished.
      Tell about it."
                             ~ Mary Oliver

Peanut Butter and Jelly Conversation the other day:

Knox:  "When I det bigger I will drive."

me: "To where, Bud?"

him: "I will drive a monsser truck when det bigger, I will drive it to dee akarium.  You will come with me, dere is a spot for you, right dere.  You can sit in dee back seat and I drive at dee front.  I det bigger I drive really fasser!  I drive daddy's truck and drive fasster!  Right now I not big, I am a baby?  I went in your tummy?  And I not baby anymore, I just Knox.  I just baby Knox.  Den???  Den WHAT HAPPEN??  I wobble wike dis! (insert adorable wobbling here)."

me:  "What about you Tulah, what do you want to be when you get bigger?"

her:  "A ballerina.  Um, I can drive to my ballet class. Or maybe... My daddy can drive me there."

Gosh, they are SO much alike.

Today is cozy and I'm still in my pajamas.  Knox is in his monster-feet slippers and not asleep yet, so I have some time to type as I get them down for a nap.

Yesterday I summitted the vast range of boxes in our storage to pick through whatever holiday shrapnel I could discover in the mess.  I might have rolled my ankle trying to make it happen too.  Worth it.
Guess what kind of awesome I found?  Elf!  Our elf Chippy was in there, just willing me to uncover his needleness in the 10x10 haystack of junk.  OH BUDDY, YOU ARE COMING HOME WITH US.  We have been discussing our elf a lot lately and I might have alluded to the possibility that perhaps he doesn't quite know where our new house is?  Maybe?  He wouldn't be late because Mommy simply cannot find him.  Ohhhh no no no.

I put up some lights in our windows and our huuuuuge 39" lighted star I got from Ikea the other day.  It is heavenly hanging in our window!  I need more!!  I plan on stockpiling after the holidays are over and they get Christmas clearance-happy.  We don't have a single outlet anywhere near the front of the house, but I put up a few lights around the porch anyway in hopes Husband can get that figured out for me. 
There's a family we're doing "Christmas" for this year, so we went out to get their presents last night.  When we got home, Chippy was hiding in the dining room chandelier.  I asked Tulah to turn on the light, but I had dimmed it earlier so she would have a hard time with it.  I am so clever.  She couldn't figure it out so she looked over at the light and THERE HE WAS!  Oh the joy!  Oh the screaming!!  Oh the jumping and the hugging and the shrieking!  "Mommy!  He knew how to find us because we have our Christmas lights up now!!  He knew where to go!!!!"

For today's appearance, Chippy borrowed Knox's monster truck for some off-walling.  A certain Little Brother was not too happy he didn't ask first:
I wish you could get the full effect of the pouting going on in photo 2!

Knox will soon learn that Elves just wanna have


Over the weekend we started in on our trim in the living room.
We replaced all of the window and door casings and added 5" window sills too.  That was Nick's idea, I'm so proud of his handsome little mind!  Our last home had all of that big wood trim and sweet little detail everywhere, and this house has none.  We have to build it all in as we go along- thus the wall and trim project.  I didn't think about adding window sills since there is a little ledge there, but they make a huuuuge difference! 


We have decided to go ahead and do the white trim.  Frankly, there's no need to get fancy with it.  White is perty and will always, always look nice.  As long as I can keep Tulah interested in a weekly wall-washing chore :)

Baseboards are lookin' good too!  But what wall wouldn't look snazz-matazz in 7" boards.

Howdy thinks they're just fine

Tonight Roo made little presents for people.
She wrapped Grammy's and wrote on it, on her own...

"I love Grammy
From"  ... I did help her with the 'rrrr' in 'from', she was
asking about that.

On mine she wrote
I love Ginny"

I just looooove her writing to us, so sweet.  That girl could draw and write all day if Knox didn't pounce on her writing utensils every time he lost her attention just long enough.  And over the weekend I think she started understanding reading full sentences.  I guess we always just work on words, but I thought we needed to see how they come together.  And here with the little gifts I think she's trying to write sentences out.   Maybe you noticed.

And of course, Mister Entertainment:



  1. How can I love you all any more? The joy I feel when you have a new post is staggering! Thank you my darling girl for doing this, I'm not missing your or their life afterall! The trim is gorgeous! Nick had a grand idea, he's finally getting the hang of this family, isn't he??

  2. How the heck did you get that truck on the wall?

  3. This is Sarah, by the way... not Cory.