Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bright sunshiney day

Not only is it above zero today, and above 10 or 20... today is above 40 degrees!
We played outside!  We absorbed the vitamin D as happiness flowed through our veins!  We did some manual labor building our "playground"... Today is divine!

Now on account of Tulah not really being down to pose in photos unless she's had her coffee and a waiver has been signed and approved, I will now share with you the cuteness of one half of my offspring.  I'm not quite sure how this happened, but we're entering territory of Infinite Cuteness. But clearly he knows this, so I'm hopeless.

So one or one of you have asked about this "acre" I refer to... Here it is.  Awe-inspiring, isn't it?  It's hard to tell how big it feels until you are in it.  As long as you're not standing in our yard right after you've been on a REAL homestead, with REAL acres and open space.  We're not rural, but we kinda country :)
Some might say this is just a large backyard.  I call it my large backacre.

Gotta go, someone's awake and I haven't even started laundry yet.  Zoiks!

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