Sunday, January 13, 2013

Going Rove!

Wool carding brushes came in the mail today!  My drop spindle too!

 I checked tracking on the cards this morning and it last said 'Roanoke VA'.  Then at lunch time I checked again, and it said "Out for delivery, Golden" YESSS!!  I was way too excited.  They arrived when the Broncos were almost winning their playoff game, and the busy-ness began.

I carded some of the fleece but wasn't sure if the roving was quite right.  The rove is the carded fleece, rolled up into a light, orderly roll that you'll draft and feed when you spin it.  Mine was super fluffy, not pretty like at the yarn shop.
I went with it.  Why not.  I can do what I want.
I spun a little on my drop spindle, but was a little bummed because I thought the whorl (the weight/round part on the dowel) was going to be larger, thus giving me a lot of good spin as I drafted.  I should have asked the ebay sellers but, I didn't.  It was not great- I was expecting some fabulous spin.  My yarn turned out cute and quirky though.  It's pretty fun and incredibly addicting!

The other day we got some stuff at the craft store to make a couple more drop spindles so that the kids could have one each too.  Roo really wanted to try, so got to the obvious task of almost drilling through my hand as I put theirs together.

 It worked awesome!  WAY better than the one I purchased!  It's heavier and I personally like that it's not as dainty.  Looks like it can pull its weight, you know?  We got some nice yarn spun, and yes Tulah lost interest after 10 minutes.  But it's a tricky process- I think I'll have her "spin" yarn that's already done so she can get the feel of drafting and spinning at the same time.

The other night we dyed some of the spinning fleece.  We went with nice neutral colors.
We used Kool-Aid, and funny enough the kids have no idea what it is.  They didn't know why the dye smelled so delicious!

Knox was our errand boy:


                                             All dry!

This fiber stuff is tons of fun!  Love that the kids are so excited to try new things with it and have fun with each step so far.  Hopefully I'll have a bit of a sweat shop operating by the time we have a fleece-producing homestead animal on our property.  Please don't share that information, mama needs a new pair of shoes.

A photo or dos for you, since this post didn't have enough...

After a while, crocodiles.

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