Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Is the sun rising, or the moon falling?

After our magical snowfall yesterday, we woke up to a gorgeous morn.  Naturally Knox woke up in a tizzy because he couldn't find his "measure" that he had gone to sleep with.  Horrible start to an almost-3yo's morning!  So disappointing.

The cornflower haze was just barely hiding the falling moon over the mountains in the West.  Seems like just 12 hours ago I watched the sun do the same thing.

And then magically, a low blurry fog cloud sank and settled in at what seemed like the end of the street.  Can I reach it?

My kids are off today.  Off and out on their own!  Tulah has her first morning of Pre K in Golden today, finally!  This is her third year of a preschool program so it's totally old news, but she's excited to see what's in store for her there.  It doesn't seem to be very "academic" but very play-based.  At her preschool last year, they moved her to the Pre K room at the start of second semester.  There they did more worksheets and mixed the play with a lot more "school" stuff.  Here at the new one it seems more like her first preschool classroom, but that's okay.  During our Kindergarten tours we've been to lately I saw that they are doing things that Tulah's been up to for a long while, as far as the academics go, so I'm happy that we don't have to worry about her being behind.  At her preschool she'll just be having FUN.  It's just two mornings a week for now.

Knox is off too, he'll be going to our neighbor Dusty's house the same mornings that Tulah is gone!  She does child care from home and has a few other boys that Knox will have a ball playing with.  I can walk him across the street, then take Tulah to school a few minutes away... Pick her up a few hours later and then grab Brother, who will have already eaten his lunch.  Awesome! 

ready for the world.  but is the world ready for them???
And what will I do with myself while I'm not in Mom Mode?  I'm going to be working.  YEP!
I got a little job!  And it's design work.  I'll be using my daggone degree (okay okay... almost degree) and I'll be creating and I'll be doing it from home!  Let's face it, I need a job where leggings and ugly slippers are acceptable attire.

It's a long story, but basically I'm helping a local nutritionist redesign a product she currently owns.  We met a year ago when we bought her car from her.  Funny how the universe works, huh??  She has the product licensed with two private labels and she's in 24 retail stores.  She has run into problems manufacturing it affordably and locally, so is hoping to take a quick little redesign her friend sewed for her and fine tune it.  I'm going to be refining it and making the prototypes that will be quoted for manufacturing.  It's a soft good, so right up my sewing alley, and I'm just beyond excited that I can help her with it!  This is a big deal for someone who is raising babies instead of building a portfolio!!  I know she's taking a leap of faith with me, but she says she trusts her gut.  I hope I can make her thrilled she took the chance.

So.  I took my sweets to their respective locations, and I made some coffee.
I started measuring and noting and marking and cutting and serging and sewing.
Hulu was streaming the episode of The Bachelor I missed on Monday.
My coffee was hot.
I sewed by the light of the sun streaming through our balcony window. 
I cannot tell you how amazing this break felt.  I cannot, I seriously do not have the words for the overwhelming peace and sheer bliss I was feeling.  I had under 3 hours to myself, but it was the greatest 3 hours of alone time I think I've ever had.  I have been needing this.  I need to contribute to something more than our address.  Once in a while I need to have the challenges of deadlines, expectations, and time management.  For a few hours a week, I neeeeeeeed to have something going other than KIDS!   While I was working, I just stopped once in a while and noticed I was smiling. 

Obviously it's a good thing that neither kiddo wanted to come home when I went to pick them up, right?
I decided we didn't need a real lunch and naps... We needed to go SLEDDING!
We bundled up and walked over to the sledding hill nearby.  I can't say that Knox wasn't crying from Itchy Mitten Syndrome the entire way there, but he got over it after his first ride down :)

 Sad but true fact:  This was their first time sledding.  I know.

 And I thought Monday was the greatest day of the year.   Now I'm not sure.  But if I'm trying to decide which of the only two days, of the start of a new week was best, then that's surely got to mean that we are having the best WEEK of the year so far.

How is it that I get to just take my kids hiking and sledding and alpaca-ranch visiting on regular ol' week days.  Seriously.  I feel so lucky.

Tonight I said good-night to the kids and lied down with Knox for a minute.  He wanted to tell me story after story. I was technically "working" again, but didn't want to miss his little wise words.  He held my face in his hands, kissed my chin and cheeks.  With his magnificent, exaggerated hand gestures he told me his stories.  Then Tulah told us a story of Cinderella and listened with us as Knox told one more.
  He speaks of mean guys who "stoled" animals from the zoo by monster truck, hid them in giant garages they built, and gave them papercuts.  He explains how Spiderman made them band-aids out of his webs.  How the superheroes gave him a flashlight to go looking for the animals in the dark.

I held his little cheeks and smelled his hair and smooched on him while we snuggled together.  Tears fell down my cheeks as I took in the sweetness of my kiddos (I know.  The squeezing of humans from my uterus has jacked up my tear ducts.  A Taylor Swift song will make me cry, don't ask.).  In those calm, quiet moments, I felt most alive.  How does a parent prepare for the day when they don't want you to sniff them and snuggle them and smooch on them?!  I won't deal well.  Or at all.  I LIVE for the cozy moments.  I love some fun, manic moments too, but those snuggly times are the ones in which I can reflect so freely on the most positive points of the day. 

The life in this house is hard to ignore.  Hard to not be thankful for more and more details as the days pass, not just the big things.

Happy :)

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