Monday, January 28, 2013

January von Hikin'

Well yesterday, Banister Almost Finishing Day, was about as lovely as could be.
We made a run to the Depot for a few things banister, and discovered that it was a day not to be wasted indoors working on the inside of the house.  What to do on this 65 degree day when we're elbows deep in an indoor project.  Colorado weather is so frustrating sometimes, making us feel all guilty for getting crap done INSIDE.  When we got home from errands, I was all antsy and craving a hike or something.  Now, we really don't hike about that much.  Not like most people around here, here being the healthiest state in the union.  We stay active but as you can probably tell, we're active with things like moving, house projects, and Knox's explosive diarrhea.  So fun ventures outside are way more scarce these days than they used to be when we were nestled in our yellow house.

Anyway, back to our weather predicament.

I was antsy.  I wanted to go play!!  After suggesting it out loud in front of the kids thinking everyone would be on board, I found out that I unnecessarily got the kids all excited since Mister Boree wanted to wrap up the banister.  Hmmph.  So I took the kids down the cul-de-sac across the street to visit neighbors and ride bikes and scooters.  After that it was still nice out.  Nick was still working on cutting balusters.  It was nap time, but far too nice out to make the children nap- what torture!  Looking around I noticed Knox made himself busy in the garage, "fixing" with daddy.  As usual.

 Looks like it was boys vs girls.
Girls had some weeds to pull.

Roo found a lot of treasures and built a habitat or two for squirrels and mice to nest in.  She can pull a mean rake, too.  I'll keep her on the payroll.

Love her

 So today was another pretty morning, with snow on the horizon.
We got up, made some delicious waffles, and hit the trail!  TODAY was the day for a hike.  We romped around in the late morning, in first sunshine, then wind, then clouds.  Weather is on it's way and we made the most of the last two hours of sunshine of the week!

This morning was probably THE best best best best morning of the year.   The kids weren't in hiking carriers like other years.  They were free to climb and run and see, and I was free to take it in.  We were awake!  Just me and my sweet kids on an energizing adventure.  Pure delight.

As I type this, the first fat flakes are falling, bread is rising in the kitchen, and Knox has just woken up and is nestled next to me in his rosy cheeks. 


downtown Denver is along the right side of the horizon over there...

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