Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So a dragon, a superhero and a cat walk into a bar...

Knox tells us (dozens of) "stories" before bed each night. They are a great way to manipulate us into spending an extra HOUR tucking him in and he knows it.  Yes, EXTRA hour.   I've been trying to record them.  Nick gets all sneaky with his iphone and captures them, but if I'm the one to receive the important messages then I have to write them down.  I'm like a stenotype up in here.  Tonight I thought I'd share one of his deciphered little yarns. He takes maybe two breaths the whole time he's narrating. No time to breathe when you've got stories to tell!

"Once upon a time? We were at a park. And a lot of kids find my jet and take it. They didn't stop grabbing my jet. They wike jets.
It was a girl, and a boy, and a boy, it was a lot of kids.
They threw my jet in a tree and it get stuck! And a cat climb up a tree and get it but he can't betause he don't have sharp claws. And um. And the cat climb on a box and get my jet but he not get my jet and he not scratch the kids betause he not have sharp claws!
And there were super heroes! and they come and the kids run away but um, they not run away and um, what my super heroes do? Save me with the kids!
And what Spiderman do? He trap dem with his WEB!
And what Ice Man do?? He FREEZE dem!
And um, what Firestar do? She melt dem and they MELT!
And um, Hulk was there but not a really mean Hulk, just a really nice one. Hulk was a really nice one to me but um. But he CRUSH those mean kids! And um.
And the dragon came! And know what dragon do? He carry me and um, he fly through the air! And I ride on his back and he fly and he grab my jet with his SHARP DRAGON CLAWS! And um. And he breathe hot FIRE! He breathe hot fire on the kids and um.
And the he bring me higher on the tree and Ice Man try to freeze him! On the WINGS! And I say, "NO! No you not do dat!!" and then he show me the baby dragon. And um. He dis big! Awwww! He tiny dragon wike dis big and um. And I hold him in my hand wike dis! And um. Just a wittle baby dragon and I hold him. Yeah. And the mommy fly way, way far away.
There were still super heroes at the park and Spiderman make hammock out of his webs. And um. And they put me in the hammock out of webs.
Want me to tell you another story Mommy?"

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