Saturday, January 5, 2013

The new year is flying by!

It's already the 5th!  And I probably won't post this 'til the 6th!  Like sands through the hour glass, I tell you.

Last we met I was telling you of the Christmas tree we ripped from nature.
Today, that tree is still up, and the gradual process of de-Christmastizing has commenced.  In all its subtlety.  Meaning, all I've done to begin is to not turn on the tree lights the past two nights.  It's beginning to feel a lot less Christmas.

hmm.  Should I work backwards from today, or should I back the truck up and proceed from perhaps Christmas day?  How oh how shall I catch you up... Christmas-ish forward.  Here we go!

We have a little "powder room" off of our living room.  It has a cute (though improperly installed) black and white tile floor.  The walls were light gray.  It housed a lot of dust and debris, random tools and supplies, and paint clean-up in the sink.

One day, when I had one hundred and forty other things to do, I decided it needed a renovation stat.  I could totally get it done during naptime, right?  So I went to the garage, found all of the cans of green paint I could find (I have quite the paint stash!!) and mixed em up.  I came up with the greenest green you ever seen, and I painted.  

So, one thing that turned out to be a predicament, was the wallpaper.  It was necessary for there to be a pretty wall in that room, and I wasn't about to squeeze in a mini-mural into my window of naptime opportunity.  I know you're thinking that the hard part was probably pasting and cutting and hanging and smoothing that dang paper all by myself.  While that was challenging, and did end up in me covered in paste that required an industrial-strength shower to remove, hanging was not the worst of it.  The worst was deciding to use my precious estate-sale wallpaper in that bathroom, instead of in its betrothed kitchen :(  I sat in wonder and worry for a few minutes before I started attacking it with paste.  After all the guilt wore off, I'm happy to say today that I love it, and I think it's happy in the green room too.  I didn't have enough to cover the entire wall, so I did a simple panel of three strips and I think it did the job just fine.

**note to your-self:  sticky, pasted wallpaper is much like buttered toast.  If you drop it, it will find a way to land all over you, buttered-side down.  Wear a slicker.**

I love that the reflection, which you see all the time from the doorway or from the living room, is bright and happy-------------> see?               

The mirror that was previously in there was a huge medicine cabinet from Nineteen-eighty-awful.  It wasn't necessary to have that much storage, and they must have gotten a great deal on a bulk order as the same mirror is in each of our bathrooms.  See ya!  I put in the mirror that was always above our mantel at our yellow house.  It was the mirror Nick's grandma always had above the mantel too.  I love it in there :)  The floating shelves I found at a thrift store one day, still in the box, so I painted two of them green and put them on the wallpaper side.  Left the longest one white to pop on the green wall, and placed it under the mirror.  In case you didn't notice.

It's kind of a fun pop of color from the fairly calm and neutral living room:
OOOOH!  Are you paying attention??  Do you see those b-n-b walls are done!?  In this picture, everything is done but the paint above.  We wrapped up the ol' board and batten paneling.  It completely transformed the room!  I will post on the walls, but probably not today!
(ignore the area by the stairs there... We're tearing out the wall behind the Christmas tree and putting a banister and railing.  I like the idea of a pretty staircase opening up the space, instead of a huge wall boxing it in!  We'll be doing the paneling up the stairs too, but the doorway was a good stopping point until the banister is done.)

In the spirit of the holidays, I like to come up with a last-minute Christmas card to upload somewhere online where they'll print and address and mail them for me (because, who has that much time to devote to the eighty people on your Christmas card list.  Nothing personal...)  It's usually done the week of Christmas, when time is ticking and will require me to burn some midnight oil and beauty sleep.  I love sending postcards through  Last year I used them for a couple of things, including my Christmas postcard:
this is how Tulah sang "Deck the Halls" last year.  Her version is now a holiday favorite :)
This year required a full-on, "why am I doing this I wanna rip my hair out and SMILE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD we're doing this for the people we LOVE because it's CHRISTMASTIME so be happy or else NO CHRISTMAS FOR YOU!!" photo shoot to capture the kiddos' essence and personality.  It was lovely and required lots of bribery and lecture.

 Knox required 46 shots, and Tulah required two.  Success!  In the end, I got it edited and ordered and shipped and then I went to sleep for a few hours.

And now, some random cuteness as I close, for I have to run.  MWAH!

Poor Howdy the Hurdle!

Me: "Do you guys want to eat what's on the beater?"  ... "Oh."

I have to do a gingerbread portrait of ze kiddos each year...

Happy new year and I'll post at you soon!

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