Thursday, February 14, 2013

A romantic post for you this Valentine's Day.

Ten days ago I was annoyingly bragging on what a dreamy, happy, sunny, glittery week we were having.
I had it coming.

Aside from Buddy's big birthday last week, let's just pretend the week didn't happen.  Last week was gross.  Last week was a big loser.

Well maybe we'll pretend it didn't happen after I delicately sum it up for you:

My car got broken into on one of our dreamy hikes.  Glass everywhere.  My friend lost her amazing handbag and cash and a camera and identity.  No one was hurt except my Prius, so that's worth a praise or two!!  Uhhh... yay celebration!

Moles were removed.  Like, unfortunate-looking growths were sliced off of the skin they grew on.  So nasty.  I'm sorry you had to hear that.

My son was a bit of a cranky monster on his birthday, and then the flu hit.  Me.  One hour I developed a deep, dramatic, lung-quaking cough.  Three hours later I started a fun segment of my life I like to call '60 Hours of Purgatory'.

Knox's birthday party was canceled due to my worthlessness.  Mommy's sorry, buddy :(

And the week ended in phlegm.  I'm wiping noses and hacking lungs and chipping used, dried kleenexes off of flat furniture surfaces with a paint scraper.  It's disgusting over here.  Good news is that my sweet kiddos have not gotten the flu, just colds!!  More good news is that my abs will be like granite after I'm done coughing with seismic abandon to remove the lining of my slimy, furry lungs.  My lungs are both slimy and furry and I have the phlegm to prove it, should you require proof of such a phenomenon.


So now that we're pretending none of that happened, I can focus on the 24 valentines we made for Tulah's new preschool class. I wish I could find you a photo of hers from last year that we gave her much smaller class, but I can't.  They were cute little bird feeders we made in eager anticipation of springtime just around the corner.  This year we couldn't put that much work in to her valentines, but they are still pretty super.

I went to the dollar store and bought 4 6-packs of shiny Mardi Gras masks.
I cut them down to be more super-hero-ish.
I drew fat lightning bolts on yellow paper, then Tulah and I cut them out.
I wrote "You're Super!" on them, and Roo signed her name on the backs.
We tied them to the masks and voila, 24 "handmade" valentines!

Happy Day, little preschool lovahs.

One perk of being sick was the love notes I received from my girl:
Clockwise from the sunshine, it says, "cloud, sunshine, flower, my mommy, for, Tulah, Ginny."  And of course, the "Kat"

darn cute self-portrait!
 Another perk of a week of worthlessness was that I sat my butt down on the couch for a few minutes and worked on some wool-spinning.  It's been a while!  Tulah wanted to comb it, so I took what she combed and spun it on my little gimpy-thread spindle.

I have two spindles going and I'm keeping one for the experimental thread.  It won't matter if the fleece isn't carded perfectly or the strands are inconsistent, so Tulah is having a big hand in it as she's learning.  I've been dying to get some black speckled into the white on the experimental spindle!  Every time I pass by my wool basket I think about my black and white yarn that I can't wait to spin.  So I started!

loving it a ton, kind of!

Right now my snotty-nosed munchiekins are sleeping, I think, so it's quiet enough to hear the snow falling oh so tenderly outside.  Huge beautiful flakes on this cozy little Valentine's Day :)  In a few minutes I'll have to get up and start dishes and get ready to make our annual V Day lobster tail dinner.  Tulah's going to set the table all fancy for us and we're going to feast 'til we're fat in the face.
I hope you have a happy Valentine's day!  Squeeze the ones you love, will you?!

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