Friday, February 1, 2013

sleepy thoughts

I was thinking about some things.

First off, why did Nick come upstairs while he's on the phone, when clearly I have work to do here.  I prefer to do my work in silence.  Go away, Nick, talk on the phone downstairs.  And use your inside voice.

Secondly, I strongly dislike a small portion of PBS' Cat in the Hat show.  This small portion takes over my entire morning Cat in the Hat experience.
It goes like this:  Cat appears as the kids are questioning some phenomenon in nature.  He presents to to them the idea of a grand adventure to reveal Nature's mysteries.  Of course they go with him, and return home geniuses on the matter in question.  Well, when they ask for permission to go with this furry stranger, "Mom" doesn't even come out side to see what the hay they're talking about.  Or about whom they're speaking.  Come on.  Every single morning I think, "Could this be the morning they never return home??"  It's creepy and I don't know how the toon continues teaching kids that tricky people are okay, as long as they're in a funky fur suit.

The reason I bring this up is this:  This stupid show inspired me a few mornings ago.  I'm pretty mad that I found inspiration here.  It's all part of their plan and I know it.
The kids were in space, and they planted a flag on the moon or Mars or whereever they went.  I guess it wasn't Pluto since apparently it's been omitted from "My Very Eager Mother..." for quite some time now.  Don't care to explain THAT one, do you, evil tv show that teaches my kids to take candy from strangers.   Anyway, they planted these flags and it made me think about our hikes we've been on.  Well, the hike we went on the other day.  I plan on whisking my little ones up to the trail about 95 times this coming spring and summer, and what fun would it be to leave a memento each time we discover a new summit or cranny. 
So I've decided that:
my kids + dead willow twigs in the backyard + fabric/yarn/paper/recyclables of all sorts = flags to mark our adventures this coming summer.
Obviously.  Cat in the Hat, I send you disdainful gratitude.

Next up:
Sometimes I wake up to this on one side of our bedroom

And twelve hours later I get to watch this on the other side
I'm not putting these pictures up because I'm an amazing photographer, obviously.  But out here I see the prettiest skies almost every day.  It's awesome.

View from the park nearby

next thought.  We have Chia pets living in our pipes.  They come out once in a while to bathe in the bubbles.
Still more on my list of thoughts that really mean not a lot:Tylenol PM.
I pretty much never take pills.  Tulah is proof!  Ba-da-DUM!  Ok but seriously, I don't gravitate toward supplements or vitamins or pain management medication pretty much at all.  I'll admit on  record that I do have some melatonin that I've used recreationally a time or two, but beyond that I'm pretty much drug free.  So lately, as I've lied in bed in the most annoying in and out 'almost sleep' until after 1am for pretty much all of January, I think about how awesome it would be to get a fix a little stronger than a 3mg chewable of melatonin.  I need the good stuff.  So two nights ago I took one single blue Tylenol PM.  Yes, the store brand kind.  I was asleep by 10 pm, and I mean the ugly sleep.  Like if someone doesn't realize I'm actually sleeping and attempts to point out some depressing story on the 10 o'clock news, I'd basically slur some obscenities and glare at them through one half-opened eye of my sleepy pig-dog face.  Punishment, ya'll.  Don't wake me up.  Anyway, last night I did not take one, and of course was up til after 1.  Not cool.  Tonight I decided to do it, and I'm so so tired right now.  The obvious thing to do would be to stop typing all of this sleepy nonsense and get some beauty sleep.  So I will.

Those are my thoughts on Tylenol PM.  The store brand kind.

One more thing before I go.  I made a hat for a fetus I know.  I'm going to his shower tomorrow and bringing this with me.  I hope that when he's fully cooked he'll really enjoy it!  Also, I'm super sad that I never made fun excessively pointy gnome-ish hats for the fetuses I grew within my belly.  Meh.
Come on.  It's got a curly tail and a small ball at the end.  It couldn't be much sillier.

that, my friends, is a popcorn stitch.  Try it sometime!

I'm done with my deep thoughts and I will now drift into a deep slumber.  Jay Leno is already on which means my sleeping pill might have lost its effect already. A peaceful weekend I wish for you!!

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