Monday, February 25, 2013

Snowy days are here again!

We finally have some real snow!  A good foot of it!
I know I haven't written in a while.  I have been busy watching the flakes drop.  Now that we're fully loaded I can take time away to write you a little note.

I just did some updates to the kids' bathroom yesterday, so I'll have to gather the pictures and get them up for you to see.  Nothing major, but it was just time to rethink how it was being used and do some $5 improvements!  Maybe I can show you in the next few days.   Maybe.

Howdy is enjoying his new man-cave.  We look outside, and - as long as he's actually IN our yard- his face is buried in the snow or he's surveying his land from his nest. 

Munchkins spent yesterday building forts on their beds.  It's probably time to put our plan to action to make something like this permanent...  Maybe something Knox can't attack and destroy when he's trying to get sister's attention!

Oh man.  Their room drives me nuts.
I'm dying to paint it.
And we have a toy box full of beloved stuffed animals, but also an entire top bunk full!  Cannot part with a single one, she says. We have gone through them every month since before we moved, and I hate to say it but I am pretty attached to some of them too!  I don't blame her for hoarding.

And we have no organization in their room.  It makes me crazy.  Books end up everywhere, blankets too, toys too, laundry too, coats shoes and undies too.  There is some potential in here, but we just need some dang time to work on it.  We're needing cubbies, bins, hooks, shelving, you name it!  I just try to breathe through it, it helps kinda.

Today some of our favorite friends came over to play. There is nothing better than a few happy hours of chatting with a friend, while our kids play incredibly cheerfully together!  Knox might have been exceptionally whiny and emotional to day but it didn't totally dampen the niceness of the morning :)

 Tulah adoooooooooores Isaac.  She tells me all the time, "I just love Isaac, mommy!"  She's been making him a little picture or note almost every day at preschool when she has free art time, and more recently it was a heart that said, "I luv Isik"

Today, prior to the inevitable dress-up party and before they arrived, Tulah took a good 10 minutes to "get ready" for them.  She put on a dress, and a long skirt... A headband, and took great care to brush her hair.  She comes out and says, "Mommy, do I look okay for Isaac?"

Oh man.

                                              She also loves their baby sister Una!
When they left, it was just so beautifully warm and sunny that I just didn't think it seemed right to make them take a nap right away.  So we got busy!

cowboys know how to handle the snow
Of course she's got some fairy flair!

It may appear that these savvy snowman-builders did a lot of work to make this kind of magic happen.  Let me tell you about all the snowballs they threw at me while I worked on their snowlady!  Let me TELL you!!

Finally we got the snow of our long winter's dreams.
I can't say that I'm not dreaming night and day of our future gardens, the awakening of spring, and the adventures in our new acre coming up... But right now we are going to enjoy what's merry and bright :)

Well, I'll be sure to write tomorrow because it is a special girl's FIFTH BIRTHDAY!!!  Half a decade ago I was anxiously anticipating the event that would change my life and give me my purpose.  Five years!  I'm bummed that we won't be totally celebrating all day like I would like to-- I'm getting my wisdom teeth out.  But we're planning a big magical fairy party for the first of spring and I think she knows it's going to be super special. 

Big hug little hug!

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