Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fun-sized presents etc.

I thought last fall was baby season, but apparently it's never ending.  Hooray for wee brand new babbies!

I have another baby shower to go to tomorrow, for a baby boy.
Since it's also my kids' friends' birthday season (which equals buying lots of gifts), I'm trying to make my sewing or crocheting or creating skills count. I found some great knits at a local fabric shop the other day so I made him a few little newborn caps!  He'll be born on the brink of spring, which definitely means he needs some lightweight doozies for the unpredictable Colorado springy days, not something heavy and crocheted.  HOWEVER!  It was imperative they were long-tailed and adorable!

So there.  He's got some fashionable options to choose from, depending on the level of dapper he's hoping to achieve on a given day.  They were really easy to make... Or, they would have been, if I had decided to rethread my serger instead of counting on sewing knits on the machine.  I should have threaded the serger.  Anyway, since they're just two pieces of fabric, anyone can make these!

Last week I gave my friend what was technically her baby shower gift.  She had her shower in September, but we were moving then and there was no space, time or equipment for sewing at the time.  I had just joined Pinterest and so I checked out things she had pinned for an idea of what the nursery was going to be like, even though I could probably have pictured it knowing her :)  I saw this felt cloud mobile/wall hanging beauty:
and looooved it!  But it wasn't quite the style of what the baby's room was going to look like.  Instantly I thought, "Cable knit!  Vintagey fabrics creating three dimensional raindrops!  Slightly askew and random and salvaged and TEXTURE!"  I figured this would be very doable, even with moving. I went to my nearby thrift store and found a creamy cable knit sweater and a bag full of fabrics that seemed perfect.  I began working but I didn't get it done, and gave her a little locally made diaper bag bling and baby hat for the time being. 

So the other day I got it done.  I used the great fabrics and hand-sewed the raindrops, and crocheted the rest.  I just stuffed them with cotton balls.  In the moment of first revisioning the Pinterest version, I knew it had to say "Bless Her" and hang somewhere in her little sweet room, a little cloud showering her with blessings.  And here is my version!

A felt cloud would have been sweet, but this cable knit hashmash fits much better for the baby girl in mind

The end.  Mister Boree is out winter camping with some other insane men he knows, so I've been doing the birthday party rounds today solo.  Busy day but fun, and another bonus?  I believe this day was the day dry socket would set into my newly removed wisdom teeth wounds, and it didn't happen!  The swelling has gone down and I can chew now!  Well- slightly.  This is how I looked a few days ago:
gross.  so gross.
My babies are in me bed and I intend to go snuggle them.  Why they gotsta be so precious almost all the time?

We have Roo's little family birthday party in the morning!  I'm making my Gramma's caramel rolls.  Be jealous, they're amazing!  Off to bed so that I can be slightly bushy tailed when these preciouses pounce on me in the morning.  Mwah!

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