Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's a girl!!

I have news.
It's exciting and sweet and very pink. 

Meet our newest addition!!

RIGHT??!?!  Have you ever seen its equal?  Ye Olde Farmhouse Cabinet is now a sweet, pink vintagey treat.  With a rustic oak countertop, of course.

We got this for $14 bucks on Craigslist last fall.  I had called the ad about it, but then decided I couldn't spend the $75 asking price and told her I wouldn't be able to come pick it up.  She called the next week.  It was going to Goodwill, she said.  It was mine for whatever I could pay, she said.  I'll be right there, I said.  Traded her the fourteen dolla I had in my pocket and brought home our primer-and-green bakin' station.  It houses most of my baking goodness, which is nice since our kitchen cabinet arrangement does not.

Since it's been sitting there in the nude for several months, the other day I got a wild hair and decided it needed to be dressed up before Easter.  It needed to be pink.  Not just for the upcoming Easter holiday but for ALL ETERNITY.  Sorry, Husband!!  It had to happen!

This idea might have been inspired by another pink treat tucked away in another farmhouse cabinet nearby...  Didya spot it?

Nick gave me this little cake carrier when I was preggie with Tulah.  We had seen it at an antique store, and it was what he gave me for my birthday that year.  He put a digital camera inside so I had something to paparazzi our impending baby with. 

The cake carrier lasted MUCH longer than the camera did, and here it sits today to inspire ME and annoy HIM!

Do you have painted hardware?
Do you want that paint removed?
Do you want to avoid toxic chemicals and physical labor?

Simmer those 'wares in soapy water for a little bit.  As long as the piece is warm or hot, the paint will peel right off.  If it cools down, it sticks again, so throw it back in the bath. 


(I know...  I ended up getting the rest off of the left side, but couldn't wait to take a photo of the 'after'!)

Roo was obviously a fan of painting it pink!
Paint-and-primer in one is the BEST

 Where I have this cabinet in the dining room, I could actually have a larger piece.  To make the most of the wall space there I decided to make the new counter top longer and deeper so I have more surface area.  One day I might attach the hutch to the wall and I will sure enjoy that extra space to work on. I am using extra planks from our hardwood flooring to make it a rustic, farmhouse-y top.

I had to run supports underneath, screwed to the original counter top.  This way when I ran one long board across the front and past the edge of the original top, there would be something to support it.  It looks ugly but it's sure sturdy!
 Unfortunately the nail gun jammed, and remained jammed, right after I finished nailing on the boards up top.  Everything after that had to be pre-drilled and screwed in, which made it really sturdy but was also a pain in my butt and took forever!  I wanted an apron under the countertop to make it look really chunky and to hide the supports.  I figured the apron would go pretty fast but-- NO.
I filled, I sanded, I filled and sanded some more... And then I stained.  

First was raw oak, then a pine stain.  I finished with gray stain... It's beautiful!!

Little quart of wonder.
Oh my goodness!  If you've never played with gray stain, you have to try.  When we were working on our board and batten walls, I was thinking of staining it gray.  I practiced with it and my favorite technique was a light, rubbed-in finish of a light wood stain (like pine) and then a thick, juicy coat of gray.  After 15 or 20 minutes, you rub the gray in and this is what you get!!  Gorgeous.

The gray stain really brings out the purples that you see in the darkest grain.  Again, try it over darker wood or over a first coat of neutral-ish wood stain.

Apron looks nice and chunky...

 Hardware is nice and cheery...

 And what do you know!  It's a GIRL!  And she's ready for her big introduction here on GinnBoree(!!).  To any of you hoping it was a different type of 'it's a girl!' announcement, please hold your horses.  Hens will be coming soon if I have anything to do with it.

I don't expect anyone else to love this, or even like it.  But seriously, when do you ever see pink furniture in a grown-up's living space?!  It is delightful.  I can't believe I got away with it! 


  1. Very nice indeed! I love your totally competent carpentry skills! You make PopPop so proud! The contrast between the chalkboard wall and the pink is great! Really pops!