Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New b-i-b-l-e, yes that's the book for me!

I love the relaxing, mellow hours between the kids' bedtime and my own.
The laundry loading, the pinball rush around the house to rid the public places of the kid crapnel that has embedded itself underfoot, the m&m eating... It's so delightful.  I cut myself off at 10:00, and not just because the news is on and tonight's teaser is that they've found the way to prevent obesity.  Oh please, tell me more about this diabolical discovery.

No there was no spinning-wheel action tonight, but I know I won't be able to keep my hands off 'er too long!  LOOK!

 So anyways Chancho, I strongly dislike the news.  Mister watches it every night, so I absorb it as well HOORAY!  But there are just so many sad tales of the world that have no place invading my brain right before sleepy-time.  That's MY sleepy-time and I prefer to fill my head with bouncy happy thoughts before I drift.  Lately it's been easy to ignore the drama because... of... THIS!!!

Friends, meet my new bible.  New Bible, meet my friends.

Did you know spring is coming?  It is.  The days are a slightly darkish lighter blue at dinner time than they were a few weeks ago.  We have little bulb greens popping up through the snow... Crocus, I think.  A 40 degree day feels tropical and calls us to get some yard work done.  SPRING IS COMING PEOPLE!!  

Remember when we bought this house?  It was September.  We moved in in October.  October signifies the end of barbecues, random neighborly gatherings, muddy hands and feet... It got cold and while we had our lovely days or weeks sprinkled through the winter, it was still winter.  We still bundled and snuggled and closed our front doors, our bikes buried somewhere in the garage and Howdy longing for a date with his leash.  The giant yard that was THE selling point of this home turned brown and scratchy.  We lost ourselves in interior projects and the yard became a place for Howdy to escape, not a place to sit and visualize the 15 sunny hours a day we'll be living outdoors in our new acre.  Your home can be the smallest, shabbiest, funky-est little home, but if you love your surroundings it can feel like your castle.  Our yard is where we want to do our living!

A couple of weekends ago, Roo must have been pulling her backyard daydreams from the back shelf too.  At the library she only picked out gardening books.  We sat on the couch and showed each other our favorite flowers and bugs and rodents... Little girl thinks that we WANT rabbits and groundhogs in our gardens, so we definitely need to plant carrots and things they would like to eat, don't you think Mommy??  Yes, Roo, those raccoons are precious and gentle-looking, let's invite them over. 

 The books we grabbed were inspiring me to learn as much as I can about creating a little organic ecosystem as we plan our gardens.  Why not plant everything to work together as they grow, warning insects and fixing nitrogen and resisting drought and confusing veggie-nappers?  Right?  I don't want to spend time and money on fertilizers and water and pest control if it's always going to be a battle against Nature.  (Nature, I gave you a capital N.  Points, please.)  I want Nature on my side!    
I also want chickens.  

 So another day we were at the library again.  I grabbed about 33 MORE books.  AND THEN.  Guess what was on the shelf.  Free Range Chicken Gardens:  How to Create a Beautiful, Chicken-Friendly Yard. Thank you Jesus and Jessi Bloom!!!  The book of my dreams appeared before my eyes to save my soul!  Or at least, save me from nightmares of the 10 o'clock news and give me visions of happy little hens being the center of our acre's mini ecosystem.  Sweet, sweet dreams.  I love this book SO much that I ordered one on Amazon.  I hardly ever buy books.  But I need to flag pages and make notes and use a highlighter maybe, and I can't do that to library books anymore.  So I read this daggone book every minute I can, absorbing the information on what breeds are great with kids, how to train your chickens, plants that are toxic to the little poultries, and how they're gonna clean up every bit of the apple tree shrapnel that plummets to the earth near our tire swing- I think.  Did I mention the eggs?  Eggs!

I also nod and smile OH SO sweetly at Mister when we speak of landscape plans and he, with a sweet little shrug, specifies OH SO gently that there will be no chickens involved this year.  We both know that I will eventually make him think our new chickens are his idea.  Hello.

I have a feeling I will be filling these virtual pages o' celebration with tales of hoes and woes, weeds and chicken feeds.  Stay tuned if you want to learn a lot about composting manure and teaching a hen to 'sit'.  This book is exactly what I needed to help me blend our future chickens with a happy yard that just works!!   

Speaking of things that work... Knox's respiratory system- NOT!!  Tomorrow might be the day I call the docta for some advice.  Cough From Aychee-Double will not go away.  He cries every time it hits him and says, "Anudder cough is coming!!"  and cries and crawls up me so I can hold him while he hacks and cries.  My heart is pretty broken now that it's day three of it.  He just came upstairs so I can snuggle the germies away tonight, and look at this... He fell asleep sitting up after a coughing fit.  Sweet boy.

In case you didn't catch the sweetness above, here's another dose:

 Say a little prayer his pains go away, if you have a sec!  And find yourself a Chicken Gardens book!!
Amazon.  Duh.


  1. I can't bear the cuteness! Lord, that boy is the most precious thing ever. I hope he gets well soon. Love you.


    1. Thank you! He's so sweet when he's slumbering.
      Wondered if you could possibly teach him to expectorate as he breaks up the muck in his chest? If anyone can, it's you.

  2. Poor lil baby boy! Smooch him from Nina. I'm praying for his sweet self.

    1. Thank you! I will smooch him and accept his germies on your behalf. Gladly :)