Friday, March 22, 2013

Paintin' down the house

Gosh.  Give me a paintbrush and a pair of cooperative kids and who knows what can happen!

The other day at nap time I revamped my mailbox.  It's not done yet, but the pretty part is.
I kept picturing it bright blue, with a little red flag, and a sweet lace pattern over it.  I found a piece of lace and a couple of cans of spray paint, and here's what I discovered when I came to:

Weather is supposed to be rollin' in today and over the weekend, so I committed us to doing NOTHING outside of the house.  Unfortunately it was beautiful out this morning, just a little coldish, but still enjoyable.  We ignored it.  When it's too nice out, I get nothing done inside.  When it's too cold out, I can't paint indoors without feeling dizzy and inexplicably at peace with the world and all its living creatures.  So today, by ignoring the slight chill in the sunny air, I was able to paint a little door in my dining room without eating everything in my kitchen afterwards.  Say hello to my chalkboard door:

If you know me, you know that I will quit loving something with my whole heart once it becomes overdone and everywhere.  Like chalkboard paint.  I don't know, whatever, it's just chalkboard paint you know?  But I didn't want to use it anymore since it's already done enough all over pinterest and other obvious places.  But I wanted a black door and why not have one that we could vandalize freely?

While I was rolling the door, with paint in my bucket and a growing distaste for my old "black bean" wall at the other end of the dining room, I decided to hit it with a shot of slate:

Now I too have overused chalkboard paint in my own home, against my own wishes.  I'm very trendy and awesome!  

A few weeks ago I made some changes to the kiddos' bathroom:

 A valance instead of a shower curtain!


We were at Nick's sister's house over Christmas, and I noticed that her son's tub looked so open and uncluttered.  There was no shower curtain!  Because TODDLERS DON'T SHOWER!!  Usually.

It was like a breakthrough.  Her simply not buying a shower curtain for the extra bathroom was like a major life-changer for moi.  However.  I loved the old curtain in our bathroom, it added a lot of good cheer that the white, rough room was in need of.

Obviously a 20 minute valance was in order!  Fabric I happened to have in stock (not in the storage unit), about 10 button holes, and a current rod and rings and we were good to go.

A little seersucker balloon shade I made for Tulah's baby room.  So so long ago.

Dollar store bins screwed to the wall as a little shelf/cubby system.  It's cheap but it works!

<---Buckets from Target's dolla bin are handy for hair brushes, tooth brushes... brushes of any kind really.  You name a brush and it has a home in our bathroom buckets.
This bathroom is pretty long, with a mini-hallway preceding it from the doorway off the dining room.  Over the winter I turned its storage closet into a dress-up closet, which is usually a wreck as you'll see in the photo!   Howdy destroyed the flooring in here at Christmas time when he ate a meal of carpeting while we were chopping down our Christmas tree.  It's been bare wood ever since, which I love... But since that's where we put Howdy most of the time while we're out, it has gotten pretty dirty and hard to clean.  So I sanded and painted it today!  Hello, bluewashed floors:

I know, it's kind of odd with the two flooring materials in there, but maybe soon we'll be able to get the flooring I've been dying for since the Fall.  I need it!  When you see it you'll understand :)

Annnd, what else... Oh.  We're trying to grab a few things from the storage unit when we're over in that direction, so HusbandFace brought over the teal vanity I refinished a couple of years ago.  I'm so happy!  It's a little reminder of my little Yonder Furniture dreams.  Dreams sitting on a little top shelf in my mind until our moving and gardening dust settles :)  Or maybe until my kids are teenagers who want nothing to do with me!  Yeah.  Then.  Anyway, the little dresser is happy here I think!

 Perhaps you noticed the little photos on top.  My sweet-sweet got some Spring pictures taken at school, baby bunnies included!  They're just trying to kill me dead with the sweetness, I think.


 Kids are up! Snacks are needed!  Adios!

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