Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Springtime in the Amazon (cart)

" has sent you a package"
Do you know what this means, people?!
It means:  "Your order of Outsidepride Comfrey... and 3 more item(s) has shipped!"
You know?  No?  

Well the other day I was at O'Tooles Garden Center with the kiddos.  We were on a mission to find some Billy Button seeds.  You know... Woolyheads.  Craspedia Globosa.  The sweet, folky-looking round globus flower atop a long sturdy stem.  They're at the best and most creative flower shops and make a fantastic dried flower because they do not change a bit with old age.  

Aren't they happy?
One of my friends helped throw a baby shower that I attended recently, and she had these in the centerpieces.  I had seen them at a cute little flower shop in our old neighborhood but didn't realize they could grow here.  The shop also has awesome stuff like mini-mini-mini pumpkins on a stem and other unexpected freaks of florist nature.  Anyway, yes, they CAN and DO grow here as an annual, and it was pretty necessary to find them to fill my acre with delight!  

Only, I can't find them locally.  I guess Amazon is as local as they come, and fastest too.  

Only, if you order one seed packet from OutsidePride via Amazon, you pay 2 dolla shipping.  If you order 3, you get FREE shipping.  Yes, I'm happy to order $15 more dollars worth.  I needed an excuse!


So... I'm planning on a little field of baby's breath out back (did I tell you that?).  5000 seeds should do the trick, right?  Aye. 

And... I really love love LOVE lemongrass, so... what the heck, let's try it.


And uh... Comfrey is something I've never grown and is a fantastic soil-builder.  Doesn't hurt that it grows large leaves quickly, leaves that chickens like to chomp on.  Add to cart, I will indeed! 

Free shipping at it's finest.
You got me good, OutsidePride! 


Confession time: 

That day at O'Tooles, I did find a few things to bring home.  I told you!  I thought it was Spring already!! 

You've got your Pumpkin on a Stick, so you TOO can be like your favorite indie flower shopBirdhouse gourds, so you don't have to buy them this Fall.   Dipper Gourds, because HELLLLLOOOOOO!  You have yourself a little cover crop, Buckwheat, which hens can eat (though some owners cook it first...) and also fixes nitrogen into the soil.  It helps smother weeds too!  And of course, there's another order from a seed company on Amazon, David's Seeds.  From them I ordered seeds of Tulsi Holy Basil, which I am sooooo excited about.  Those came in last week, shwinng!  They threw in a mustard seed, Red Giant.  A brassica.  Great food for me and me cheeckens.  

I also came home with some wee wittle gloves for my boy.  He needed yard gloves to be like his Daddy, and that's something you just don't argue with.

  Today may be the equinox of Spring, but it's been spring-ish in my kitchen window for a little while.  I've been planning on planters for months now and have been putting the ends of my sweet potatoes to work.  Hmm... Are you a vine sweet potato or a bush sweet potato?  Tell me please!

See what happens when you don't throw away your overripe veggies?

 I started this little guy in water and then moved it to dirt a week or two ago, where it is growing beautifully.  I decided to try it with potatoes a little less ripe with no signs of sprouting anywhere.  I don't know what will happen with them but I'm trying a few in water, and a few in dirt.  I think the best thing would be to bury them outside and keep 'em watered but I haven't decided just yet where the taters will be flourishing this year.  Also, I am thinking I should have started with larger sections maybe?  We'll see what happens with this minimal investment :)

I tend to hoard containers of various types for the kids to use for "inventions", but lately I'm throwing NOTHING into recycling so we can use them to get our garden going inside.  Yogurt cups, Starbucks cups... I even took some party cups from a birthday party we went to recently!  Hey, that plastic was a valuable commodity.  It's not weird.  I started several of my darling Holy Basil seeds yesterday and they fit perfectly in juice boxes leftover from a playdate last week:

 While I'm thinking Spring, I'm also going to be thinking warm, happy thoughts that a little wish of mine will come true.  Last week I realized that my neighbors (on the hidden tree and rosebush side of the yard) have a nice greenhouse sitting in their yard.  I've always seen the top of it above the fence, but never thought about whether it's lonely or not.  

I took its presence for granted.  I took a peek through the fence last week and realized it's not sitting there reaching its full potential.  I felt so sorry for it and couldn't stop my thoughts from imagining if I were its owner, how happy it may be.  Growing food, filled with pots and plants and sunshine all day and all year.  Maybe a visit from a wandering hen on a chilly winter day.  Oh what a delight for an empty lil' greenhouse!  

 So I saw my neighbor outside, whittlin' away on his porch.  I asked how things are.  I complimented his whittled wonders.  I mentioned that we may be getting hens, if it doesn't bother any of the neighbors, and explained how delighted we'd be to share our fresh eggs with our dear neighbors.  I brought up the greenhouse.  He lives with his sister, and it's hers.  I told him that if they ever considered moving it off their property, my property would love to acquire such a thing of beauty.  He said someone should surely use it and he'd ask his sister about it.  So my plan is to visualize it in my yard until one day, it's not just a vision.  Who's with me?!  Think happy thoughts for my plan, ok??

Maybe you have wonderful plans for your Spring too.  If you're local, or within mailing distance, and you want some of my seeds, I'd be happy to share them when they arrive!  Just let me know.  If you were here I'd surely invite you to a seed exchange I have brewing in my head a little bit.  Mail works just fine too :)  

Happy first day of spring!  May you make the most of the 12 robust hours of daylight!   I'll send you thoughts of rainshowers and blooming daffodils and muddy garden boots, even if you're still galoshing through snow and below zero.  As they say, No matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure follow :)

Will talk to you soon, for I am off to get a little housework done...  Somebody has to go polish the stars!



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