Friday, April 5, 2013

Belinda Carlisle

This one's for you, Sarah.

Our third!  Her name is Belinda Carlisle.  My sister made me do it... Long story and not as funny to you as it was to us.  But I think it's the perfect name for her!  She is vocally gifted and fluent in French.
She's teensy compared to the other gals but she's pretty feisty too.  
She's a Barred Rock.  She'll be good in the winter and will lay big brown eggs for us.  The gal at today's store said that this is her favorite breed, even though we went there today hoping for a leghorn or Australorp or something like that.  I was happy to bring little Belinda home though!  I like a good referral when I'm a homesteading newbie :)

At Golden Mill yesterday, there was a grandma there with her little grandson.  He was observing the chickies while my kids were begging for them.  The grandma was telling me how she's always gotten great birds from the store, how you can't go wrong, how much the kids love them... Basically it was her fault we brought our first two home.  I'll thank her next time I see her!  She also told me that Murdoch's (a chain) had lots of breeds as of last week.  Got me curious, so I had decided to take only two home from the feed store and wait until we go to Murdoch's or a chicken swap for more breed options before we add any more.  Well the chicken swap is tomorrow morning, and I'm not going to be able to go since I have planned for weeks to go to Boulder's first farmers market of the season!!  I got me some local heirloom seeds waiting and I am not missing my chance to pick them up, you guys!!  So this morning, after a batch of muffins and some sleepy faces, we headed to Murdoch's.

Now we did not pick out Belinda.  The sales gal grabbed her from a mass of flying feathered commotion, and she's the one we got.  She seemed like a keeper since she didn't have a pasty butt or funky toes...  Features I prefer in my human babies, ironically.

While looking at other chicken gear before paying for our little lady, I met another grandma who raises chickens.  We talked 'til the kiddos were bored and exchanged numbers because she has all kinds of fancy bantams, and some Americanas coming!!  I told her I'd take one or two, so we're going to connect one weekend when her grand daughter is over.  I am loving the chicken community!!

When I first held Belinda Carlisle, she pecked me pretty hard.  Nothing that hurt me, but it would have freaked the kiddos out.  She got me twice but then ate some feed from my hand a second later.  She is the baby of the new family so I watched them closely when I first introduced her to The Sistas.

They were all like, "Who dat!"
Belinda was all like, "Ooooh heeeaaven is a place in this box with you!"

And then they became pals and broke bread together.

We added a couple of long sticks to start perching on, and they're doing it!  They seem so little to be perching already!  Here Roo is seeing if she can get Rosey on board.

Even little Belinda is perching on the high perch.

Country Girl and Belinda Carlisle

 Pretty girl!!!  Her innocent face would lead you to believe she did not at ALL fly to the top of the box today!  You can see the truth in those lyin' eyes.

Country girl seemed to be a little bit of a boss, but within a couple of hours I noticed that they all seem to be happy.  Here you see them discussing the weather, paint colors for their new coop, and upcoming tour dates.

We're happily homesteading so far!  These girls are super entertaining and let's face it, stinking adorable!!
And Nick is coming around.  I think the letter worked, even though he called me out on it being a tiny bit my idea.  All he said today is, "Those wings don't look very meaty to me." and that was that.  We're getting there :)

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