Friday, April 12, 2013

Sister, come to visit!

My sister is coming!  My niece is coming!  I have not seen them since I had a Knoxer in my belly!!
In 48 hours they'll be landing in Denver!!
I am not excited!!
That's a lie, I am excited.  I pee when I think about it.  Slightly.  Sort of in the same way my mom pees a little when she sneezes... Which she STILL blames on "damage" I did to her bladder during my days as a fetus.  Pretty sad when you have to blame your incontinental discretions on a water-logged unborn baby.  Anyway, if my excitement is my mom's bladder, then my sister's arrival is definitely the sneeze that makes for soggy drawers. 

I've been trying to get some spring cleaning done lately, and their impending arrival is sort of turning it into a frenzy.  Get out the caulk and drill and paint and sandpaper, boys, it's time for spring cleaning!!

Over the winter we put up our board-and-batten walls.  We mostly-painted them, but I found myself at Easter telling our first-time visitors to "Just ignore this... Oh we haven't quite filled in those nail holes... Ignore that lumber there in the corner... That table saw is just for decoration..." and so on.  I get tired of a) looking at the unfinished ends, and b) pointing it all out to people by asking them to ignore it.  Seems counter productive.  Also I'm running out of "IG-NORRRR-ING IT!!!" energy lately!  I finished filling, sanding, caulking, and painting our battens and baseboards.

board and batten walls are disguising the horrible 'knock-down' texture in my house :)

Those tree branches in the galvanized bucket are a couple that came down recently in the backyard.  One is a willow branch I broke :( and the others are crabapple from when Nick took down a tree behind the shed.  I figured they deserved to leaf out at least once more in their lifetime, so I threw them in the bucket and gave them the chance.  I hope the crabapple flowers while it's inside, there's nothing prettier!!

Sometimes in the midst of kids, cleaning, and keeping faces fed, you spot unexpected incredibleness that make you stop for a minute.  I saw the light coming in just right through our dining room window, filling the blossoms on the sill with radiant energy.  Simple springtime happiness!

 Unfortunately, on the other side of the dining room, a horrible ogre was staring at me.  It's a monster I try to ignore:  The ugly face of the VERY wrong shade of Sea Foam.
I need a hug.
Now I'll be honest with you.  I enjoy a sea-foam and red combination just like the rest of you.  Or maybe like one or two of you, if your name is Ashleigh.  But the shade in this room was all wrong.  Now I own up to painting the ceiling a nice shade of "Red Stripes" (again, inspired by Ashleigh...), but that was because I was hoping to pull it all together with some fun fabrics, curtains, and frames.  It has never happened.  The room has one teeny, north-facing window, and the lighting is all wrong, all day. 

Luckily, at Home Depot the other night, I spotted a can of white on clearance.  Apparently it was sooooo last season and by me simply inquiring on the price, the dude at the counter offered it to me for $15.  Mine.  It was zero VOC and begging to don the kids' bedroom walls.

I ignored the kids for several hours yesterday, visited the storage unit for some items of sentimental value, and sent the cubs to a movie with DaddyO last night.  This is what left when it was all over:

 A little organization of ze books, plus a few items from their old bedroom, and the bookcase area looks way better.  The shelves were in our old basement, one half of a former set of two that Nick's grandpa had built.

  above:  Fat baby Knox, hand prints from the baby days, a Truffala Tree sculpture by Tulah, and a whittled stick from our new whittlin' neighbor.  Special thangs from our old house and our new life here.

I went to Kansas city a year ago to visit my bff when she had her baby Hank.  They took me to a great little once-monthly market and I found these books.  I love them because I have a handmade Raggedy Ann from when I was little.  My kiddos play with it still.  And my momsie gave my kids their own handmade dollies too.  I have these dreams of making my own modern handmade Raggedy Ann's and Andy's one day, but I haven't gotten to them in all the years I been a-thinkin' on it.  One day soon maybe.

The Blue Bird book is neat because Blue Birds is a junior spin-off of a group that Nick's grandma belonged to through adulthood, called the Camp Fire Girls.  I saw it and knew we had to have it, and it's in brand new condition!  Pretty neat.

A little collection above the toy box where we have some photos and a valentine, a couple of ornaments, and a flower Tulah made a couple of years ago.  Her buddy Freedom's little baby picture was still on the board when I pulled it out of the box, so sweet!!

Nick's toy box from when he was little.  His dad built it. ---->

Newborn Roo getting smooches from her mom and dad

I found an ol' board in the garage and used it as a shelf above the closet door.  Sometimes if you use brackets on the top side of the shelf, it'll look like a floating shelf (if you're short enough for such deceit).  I don't think Knoxer ever had baby-sized feet, so I put up his old trademark green crocs on the shelf.  I thought I had given them away at one point, but seeing them in the boxes made me happy I still had them!  My mom gave him those crocs for his first birthday, and she also had given us the beautiful, vintage Little Red Hen book.  I got to play the leading Hen in our first grade play, so it has sentimental value.  Value tripled now that we have Rosie the chickie!! 

I couldn't believe what a change some white paint makes in a dark, tiny room!  Thrilled to have it done.  It kind of felt like the black hole of the house since it was really not personalized in any way (except the stripes).  I walk in here now and it feels like a real and loving bedroom for my sweeties.  I love that some of our forgotten treasures are on display because it feels like there is a bridge now from the room I lovingly created for a babyTulah in our yellow house, and the growing we'll all be doing in our Golden house.

I still have floors to scrub and sheets to change, but we're getting closer to having a home ready for our honored guests to relax in at the beginning of their new chapter in the United States!!  Cannot wait!!

In other news, the girls are growing fast!  I have to feed them twice a day now, and pick up after them lots and lots.  I'm putting their bedding to work in the compost pile though, and am on the hunt for a low-priced (or FREE!) larger container for their growing bodies.  

Tulah is getting confident with reaching in to get one when she wants to hold them.  She knows how to hold her hands around them securely but gently, and loves to love on them!  She's trying to get me to trade her Country Girl for my Belinda Carlisle.

 Country Girl is getting her feathers in, and around her shoulders they're coming in redish!  I wonder if she must be Red Star sexlink and not a Golden.  We shall see... I hear the Red Star are some pretty heavy layers- schwing!!
She might be inherently broody too, she seems to have some Mother Hen traits already :)  Maybe that's why she tends to be the most skittish of the group, the most protective so far?

Boys just wanna have fuh-un...

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