Thursday, August 22, 2013

What now? Kindergarten or something?

I type to you now in proof that I survived the Fiskars that possessed my darling precious daughter, and hacked her hair to pieces.  We all survived, actually, and I think I learned a lesson within the demi drama.  That lesson is:  If your daughter cuts off 7" of hair, you will argue over morning hair-brushing NO LONGER.  Nevermoooorrrrre!  It's that easy!  And your relationship will prosper because of it.  We frolic through fields cast in golden-hour glow and she helps me fold laundry and stuff.  I swear.



See?  Everything turned out okay... And besides, it's gone.  We can't get it back.   I'm done being sad crying, she has a feather to help disguise the chopped up bits (we refused to cut her hair up to her ears), and she can get a hairbrush through the rest finally.  Win!

I guess the only natural thing to do now would be to go to Kindergarten.

She was so excited, so ready.  Made it easy to drop her off for her first day in Elementaryland... At least if it weren't for my darn stinging nose and soggyish eyeballs.  Just for a minute- I was tough!

Today we wrapped up her first week.  Tomorrow is a flex day for testing, as well as Monday.  She tests on Monday, so she'll only have to go for about 20 minutes in the morning.  I'm happy to have three 4-day weeks with her at this early beginning... We sure do miss our Roo all day long.  I wish every week was four days instead of five :(  

 I'm figuring out what it is to have a single child at home.  I couldn't have known how amazing their little bond is, how much quality time they'd gotten to spend with one another all these years.  I think they're really lucky.  Now that Tulah's at school, Knox has only me.  And I can guarantee Roo was WAY more fun to run around and play with all day!  I will eventually find him a part-time preschool but I sure do want to take this time to be everything I can to him.  We have an opportunity to spend some awesome days together before HE hits the books and the school lunches and the summer vacations- and that will be before we know it.  I'll need to work soon...  I need to reconcile that with how I am feeling about only two more years of precious minutes with my little RhiKnoxerous.  But for now, I am omitting what I can from our days and working on being here, right now.

 I know I can't keep them little forever but it's really hit home this week.  Days go by.  Days where, even up to this end of summer vacation, I was running behind with everything, playing catch-up to chores or errands or this or that.  Even with all of my efforts to slow down and soak soak it up, still in such a hurry.  What did it matter.  And now I don't get it back.  The days, the chopped hair... We don't get that stuff back.  I already feel like I'm remembering it all in bits and pieces.  So I look forward now to all of the fabulous things she has to say about her day at school.  Watch her talking to new friends like a big girl as I drop her off at the cafeteria.  The supersized smooches and hugs and "Knox let GOOOO!"s that happen as we pick up Big Sister at the door every afternoon- stuff she'll be, like, so TOTALLY embarrassed about one day.  Doing workbooks and projects with Knox.  Dates with my little buddy.  Not answering calls, running less errands, involving him more in the little things throughout the day. New School Year's resolutions, maybe.  If she loves it nearly as much as she loves riding those horses, then this will be one of THE greatest experiences of her life.  Ready or not, heeeeeere's the next big chapter!


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